compassionate communities

LifeStyles is a non-profit compassionate care center located in Charles County, Maryland that empowers faith-based organizations to provide supportive social services to their community, normally through the means of establishing a Community Development Corporation (CDC). As the central office located in Charles County, Maryland, LifeStyles continues to address the needs of the local community while providing support to other centers. Having no geographic boundaries allows for global replication of compassionate centers. LifeStyles is attempting to replicate this model by serving as an intermediary organization to provide capacity-building support with other faith- and community-based organizations in the states of Maryland, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

LifeStyles provides limited technical and capacity-building assistance to grassroots, faith- and community-based organizations who are interested in developing a compassionate center in their community. Such assistance includes grant funding research and writing, incorporation documents, and business plans. These potential compassionate centers are able to provide social empowerment and education services to the most vulnerable members of their communities. The target populations are the: homeless, at-risk youth, the elderly in need, families in transition from welfare to work, and dealing with addictions and those recently released from prison. These centers may provide such services as:


Food pantry
Temporary shelter
Clothing closet
Emergency housing/utility assistance
Employment assistance
Prescription assistance
Community development
Economic development

For more information regarding Compassionate Communities, contact Corae Young: (301) 609-9900 ext. 214.