LifeStyles is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 that supports people in crisis by providing emergency assistance and through partnerships provides referrals for health and human service needs. Located in Southern Maryland, LifeStyles is a “one-stop shop” in a community with limited public transportation and pockets of poverty amid growth and prosperity. 


LifeStyles signature programs include the Samaritan Program, a food and clothing service; and Safe Nights, an overnight shelter program for individuals and families from October 1 through mid-April each year.


The programs implemented are focused on the empowerment of individuals and families. Through this empowerment, we believe we assisted in creating a better quality of life for those persons who contact us.



On average, LifeStyles sees approximately 14,000 people annually. In the last year, LifeStyles has fed over 6,000 families and individuals. We have also provided over 5,000 bed-nights to those in need during the harsh winter months, and helped over 200 people find permanent housing.

We are proud of the accomplishments of the organization as it reflects the commitment of each person involved.  The continued success of the organization is dependent upon this commitment.  


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